Thursday, August 25, 2005

Top Five Rapid Growth Characters!

Top Five Characters Who, After Birth, Rapidly Aged, One Way or the Other

5. Gwen Stacy's kids

Gwen Stacy had two children with Norman Osborn.

These kids had a disease that made them age rapidly, and by the time they decided to take revenge upon Spider-Man and Peter Parker, they were basically Peter's age!!!

4. Garridan Rannz

Garridan was teleported from the womb of his mother, Imra Ranzz (Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes) by Darkseid, as revenge against the Legion for their interference with the Great Darkness Saga.

Darkseid then turned Garridan into Validus, one of the evil members of the Fearsome Five.

Eventually, he was restored to his rightful age and appearance.

3. Franklin Richards

While battling against the evil foe, Hyperstorm, Franklin Richards' grandfather, Nathaniel Richards, knowing that Franklin would be easy prey for Hyperstorm (who, it was later revealed, was the son of Franklin...from the future!), took Franklin away, trained him for years and then returned him to the same spot in time as his future self, Psi-Lord (Franklin at about age 18). Psi-Lord stayed in the Marvel universe for a time, even forming Fantastic Force, but eventually, Hyperstorm returned, and, in the battle, made the switch AGAIN - returning young Franklin to the spot.

2. Impulse/Kid Flash

Bart Allen was born with a hyperaccelerated metabolism, causing him to age much too quickly. To compensate for this, scientists placed him in a VR world, where they kept his mind thinking that he was aging normally. Bart's grandmother, Iris, thought that this was no way for a boy to live, so she kidnapped him and brought him to the 20th century, where her nephew, Wally West, fixed Bart so that Bart would age normally from then on.

1. Cable

Cyclops' son, Nathan Christopher Summers, was in trouble. A big bad guy named Apocalypse had infected the toddler with a techno-organic virus that was certain to kill him. From out of nowhere, a woman named Askani from the future arrived. She said that the only way for Nathan to live was to be sent to the future, where the virus could be treated. Cyclops agreed.

Nathan grew up in that world, raised by two people that he came to know as Slym and Redd (who were, in fact, Cyclops and Jean Grey transported to the future).

Eventually, Nathan returned to the 20th century to battle Apocalypse, but by this point in time, he was a much older man, who had had a wife and a child of his own.

Any notable ones that you think that I missed?


Blogger Woody! said...

Didn't Immortus do that? Not only did he super age, but he took his own mom away on an interdimensional honeymoon. Avengers #200, I think.

8/25/2005 9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Magik? Colossus's little sister from x-men. She went to an alternate dimension and came back as magical grownup jailbait.

8/28/2005 12:46 AM  

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