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Top Five Heroes Created During Bloodlines

In 1993 DC had a running theme through their annuals about space vampire dragon like creatures who fed on people with this scution mouth thing and in every annual it turned one person into a superpowered new hero character. The characters really weren't going to be the next big thing like they were advertised as, but some were still cool. There was one character though...

5. Myriad!

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She gets the coolness of being drawn by David Lapham. And back in 1993. That's cool! She was also a character introduced in the regular comic, who had been killed by Lex Luthor and was brought back to life because one of the monsters sucked her dry. She then gained the power of adopting the personality of whoever she touched. Yes, she was DC's answer to Rogue, except she became that person and didn't get any powers or anything. But she was actually introduced before the comic, she just didn't become the "hero" until this annual, since she was dead. But still, Lapham!

4. Razorsharp( and Channel)

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Not only do you get one character here, but two in one place who both get changed. They are part of the Cyba-Rats and while Channel can inhabit televisions, Razorsharp can turn her arms into blades. Yes, she's DC's Warblade. But she's a female hacker, so she rules! She also got to appear in Guy Gardner Warrior, so she rocks! And she was in Bloodpack and an issue of Catwoman. But Guy Gardner appearances rule all!

3. Loose Cannon!

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Loose Cannon turned into a big hulking like creature. Yes, Dc's answer to the Hulk. But he could change colors like a mood ring. But the big twist was that when he wasn't super he was a parapalegic! And, while he had no appearance in Guy Gardner, he did have his own four issue series, so he rules over the others.

2. Sparx!

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Sparx rocked. First, unlike the other characters, she was actually looking for the parasites so she could get bitten and turned super. So her, and her wolf changing uncle went looking for them and she got bit and when they tried to resurrect her she became Sparx, made out of electricity/lightening/whatever.

She also actually appeared in comics after the annual, and was even Bloodpack, and was a star of Superboy and the Ravers. But the coolest thing about her was she was in an issue of Guy Gardner!

1. Hitman

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Need we say anymore? Dude got a series written by Garth Ennis that lasted 60 issues (whoops), has a lot of those issues collected in trade, and is still popular and talked about today. No one can beat him. It's frickin' Hitman.

Can yo uthink of someone better for numbers 2-5?


Blogger James Meeley said...

Loose Cannon also appeared in Superboy #16. Which I believe took place beofre his mini-series.

As for ones I think should have been on the list, well, I liked Ballistic. Not only did he have a superhard shell, but if he got really stressed, he'd create an explosion (i.e. go "ballistic"). He appeared in a few issues of Batman and Detective Comics after his intro in Batman Annual #17.

8/24/2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Hitman's series, counting the One Million issue and the annual, lasted 62 issues, actually. (final issue was 60--and what a great Closing Time it was: Cheers done the Ennis way ;))

I didn't like the Bloodlines stuff much at all. Really glad we got Hitman though. One of my all-time favorite series (alongside such greats as Suicide Squad, Spectre v3, Peter David's Supergirl, Runaways, Simonson's Thor, Stern/Romita's ASM, and so on)

The funny thing is that after the failure of most of Bloodlines, they tried it yet again several years later, during Planet DC, creating new "foreign" heroes. Fantastically ridiculous, really.

8/24/2005 10:57 AM  
Blogger Julio Oliveira said...

The problem with Bloodlines/Planet DC was creating new characters for the sake of creating new characters, ie. "Let's see what sticks". The problem with Planet DC is even worse than with Bloodlines: there is no reason to have foreign heroes if you intend to ignore the rest of the world exists. I mean, both crossovers didn't have no plan of integrating the changes, the new characters on the DC universe. And that is just sad. I mean there was a story (I think last year) that Wonder Woman goes to some Latin American country (I'm lazy, I'm not checking, sue me). I mean, if Silver Swan was thrashing my country or a neighbouring country and I have the means to go there (like that analog of the Justice League that appeared on the Flash issue of Planet DC), why not go there? Why not let them make a cameo? Why not let creators from these countries write minis about these characters (thus insuring that they are not portrayed like savages that deserve to be ignored by the americans) on a Planet DC Classified or maybe once a year on a DCU Classified?

Well at least most of the Bloodlines were used on the Forgotten Heroes line-up on that excellent comic Ressurection Man. I mean, the metacommentary joke of calling a bunch of inused characters the New Forgotten Heroes is great.

8/24/2005 12:03 PM  
Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Anima! Anima! Anima!

She should have been in the Teen Titans.

I kinda liked Argus, too. Kinda.

8/26/2005 10:06 PM  

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