Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Top Five Comic Book Movies!

Since Cronin doesn't watch comic based movies, I can take over this one for him!

First of all, I'm only doing live action movies. Second, there are a lot of great comic based movies. But these are the movies that capture the comics. These are basically the comics. They have the feel of the comics, the characters, and the fun. They also are as close to the comics as one can get. Now, the other comic movies are still awesome. Leaving off the X-Men movies just hurt. And how can I not include Batman Begins?

5. Ichi the Killer

Wait, before you say anything. Ichi is a fantastic adaptation of the manga. They are both mega violent, fun romps. The characters and scenes are all translated very well. Miike took everything right about the comic and translated it fantastically to the screen, in all its gruesome details. The only reason this doesn't rank higher is some of the characters are changed slightly, and Ichi himself doesn't get fleshed out enough. As well as a huge change in the ending, which works in the movie, but loses the coolness of the final battle.

4. Superman 2

Yeah, yeah, Superman was great. But for a Superman movie, the final "battle" was a bit of a let down. Here, we get Superman battling not one, not two, but three kryptonians in Metropolis and onward to the Fortress of Solitude. How can you not love all of that? Superman rocks!

3.American Splendor

Not only do we get to follow the life of Harvey Pekar. We even get to see him as his comic self, as well as see the creation of the comic. A funny, and also at times touching movie about the life of a man who really isn't all that remarkable, yet still leads a remarkable life. Yet, it's hard to tell where the comic is watching the film.

2.Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2

One cannot be detached from the other. They are the perfect pairing of movies, building upon Spider-Man's legacy. He swings from webs. Peter Parker has a horrbile life and can never get a single break. The villains are both well developed, and the carryover is like the sopa opera effect of a comic. Spider-Man is a beautifully adapted movie.

1. Sin City

The perfect comic adaptation. Regardless of what one thinks about the movie, the over the top violence, and the voice overs, the movie is as faithful as one can be to a comic ever. They made sure to make every shot as close to the comic panel as possible. Every line of dialogue is a line straight from the books, and the whole look follows the look of the comics. And it does it all extrememly well. Awesome adaptation!

So, I know other people have a favorite comic movie (except for Cronin), what's yours?


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