Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Really Cool Scenes - Captain America lends Spider-Man a hand

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As you can see by the cover, the Maximum Carnage storyline had been going on for awhile when this issue occured.

Spider-Man had formed an uneasy alliance with the villain Venom, and the two were fighting Carnage and his crew all over New York, with the help of Firestar and Cloak (who thought Dagger was dead at the time).

Spider-Man was not in good shape at the time this issue came out. He was routinely given reasons to doubt himself, and especially, his morals.

So finally, in this issue, Peter Parker breaks.

After being badly hurt by Carnage, Spider-Man decides that his "no killing" rule is outdated, and he tells Firestar, who looks to Spider-Man for the answers, to use her microwave powers to KILL Carnage.

Venom is loving it, Firestar is hating it, Carnage is not liking it much either.

Firestar pours it on, not feeling good about this at all, when finally, Spider-Man tells her, NO! STOP! THIS IS WRONG! And she does so, but she is spent, so she and Spider-Man are taken out by Carnage easily.

Venom then gets his behind handed to him by Carnage and Shreik, and they take off with Venom, to torture him for kicks.

Not a good time for Spider-Man.

As he slowly awakens from his stupor, with his thoughts racing, "Why can't anything good happen? Why is everything so EVIL?"...he is approached by a figure.

Then, the last page of the story, BIG splash page of Captain America standing above Spider-Man, saying something along the lines of, "Hi, you look like you could use a hand."

And at that point, you know everything is going to be all right.

Super cool scene, and also today's Snark Blocker!!


Blogger Michael said...

That was a great scene. I remember feeling really depressed by the beginning of this issue, with how dark things were getting. Seeing Cap show up to help Spidey out was like the comic saying to me, "Everything's going to be all right now."

8/14/2005 5:46 PM  

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