Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fun Run for 8/13

Today's Fun Run is John Arcudi and Doug Mahnke's Major Bummer.

Here is the cover of the first issue, which should tell you something about the series:

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The Last Inaction Hero.


This was a really funny series about a slacker who gained superpowers.

The art by Doug Mahnke was really good, and I really have to give him a lot of credit for sticking with the book all the way through to the end, even when it was clear that Mahnke was going to have a successful pencilling career.

The plot was that the hero, Lou Martin, was a slacker who was experimented on by aliens, giving him strength and invulnerability.

The same experiments were performed on a group of weirdos, and some bad folks.

These became Lou's supporting cast.

The bad guys kept trying to bait Lou into fights, and the misfits kept trying to get Lou to join their superhero team.

Lou, however, was not all that interested.

Look at the guy!

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Motivating himself was not his strong suit...hehe.

The series only lasted 15 issues, from mid 1997 to late 1998, but it still left quite a mark.

Not as big a mark as Arcudi and Mahnke's PREVIOUS comedic project (namely, the Mask), but it was still quite memorable, and it is today's Fun Run!


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