Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Musings, The Fourth

Ok, so topics for this week are somewhat limited. Due to it being the end of the term, and going to visit a friend before he goes to England, I wasn’t able to pick up my comics for this week. So it would seem as if I have nothing to talk about. Nothing current anyway. So I shall delve into something I saw while at my friend’s place. Now, don’t be frightened folks, but this week’s Musing is going to be about…. Anime!

Now, I’ve never really had anything against anime. Some of the stuff I’ve seen has been pretty sweet. But there’s also a lot of really freaking weird stuff. And it is the weird stuff that has a tendency to be put in the spotlight, so anime has somewhat of a tarnished reputation. However, there is some anime that is pretty much universally agreed upon to be awesome. One such anime is Cowboy Bebop.

I just watched Cowboy Bebop: The Movie for the first time last Friday. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It features a crew of bounty hunters who are out to make a few woolongs [Ed. Woolongs are money!] in the world. Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ed. Spike is the main character I guess. He’s the cool guy. Acts on impulse and instinct. Jet used to be a cop. Faye is wicked hot. Ed is a hilarious girl who everyone thinks is a boy. It’s a pretty good cast.

The story behind the movie is that someone has decided to unleash a plague of nanobot machines that resemble lymphocytes. The crew of the Bebop decides that this would be a bad thing, and set out to stop him. Some great fight scenes, a good bit of comedy, and some pretty suspenseful moments all add up to a rather decent film.

The artwork is pretty slick. While it has hints of traditional anime over-exaggeration of features and such, especially with Ed, overall it has a much more realistic feel. The way the characters move actually looks like the way people move. Great coloring as well. The mood is always set up just right.

One of the coolest things about Cowboy Bebop is the fusion of music and action. The soundtrack plays quite heavily into the movie, setting the speed and pace for many of the scenes. There is even just little hints to it, like Faye tapping her hand against the dashboard while driving. It all combines together to make a really fun conglomeration.

Cowboy Bebop is really sweet. Even for you anime haters out there, give the movie a shot. You may not totally love it, but I can guarantee that you will not hate it either. I’m currently acquiring the anime series, and may give an update after I have watched that.

Finally, a bit of trivia, the movie was initially called Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, after the Bob Dylan song, but had to be changed to just The Movie due to copyright stuff. Also, the character of Vincent, according to IMDb, is based off of Dylan himself! This makes Cowboy Bebop: The Movie a must-see for Cronin.


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