Friday, August 19, 2005

Top Five General Comic Book Promotional Tie-Ins!

Top Five Comic Book Tie-Ins to Promote general things (i.e. not video games or toys or a public service announcement).


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The Whiz Kids (Alex and Shanna) appeared in a lot of comic books, including crossovers with Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman!

They helped sell the TRS-80 IBM computer, and really, they were just the example of perfect kids.

Therefore, they WERE a little boring.

4. Spider-Man/Hulk: What Price Life?

This comic came in a Chicago newspaper, and it helped hype Marshall Fields department store.

Basically, Spider-Man fights the Hulk in Chicago, making sure to take the time to tell kids how great Marshall Fields is!

3. Marvel Super Hero Island Adventure

This title is a comic with three stories, all detailing stories that tie in to rides at Universal Orlando's theme parks.

This would be lower, except for the top notch talent working on the book. Art by Mike Weringo, Steve Pugh and Chris Bachalo!!!


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This comic is awesome.

In a story by Marv Wolfman (with art by Alex Saviuk), Spider-Man must fight Green Goblin over an experimental laser, built to help dentists, but the Green Goblin, of course, wants to use the laser for nefarious purposes!


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The only comic that could beat the king of the tie-in (Spidey) is a character who is, himself, a tie-in!

That's right - KOOL-AID MAN!!!!

This thing ran for SIX issues!

How many promotional tie-ins can say THAT?!?

Any ones that I missed on, that you think?


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My most ingrained promotional comic the toy ones, is of course Questprobe

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