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Top Five Hawkeye Moments

Top Five character-defining moments by everyone's favorite purple-garbed archer!!

5. Hawkeye at the UN - Hawkeye hating authority

In the otherwise forgettable crossover, Blood Ties, the United Nations demanded that the Avengers not get involved in a situation in Genosha. The UN even sent SHIELD to confine the Avengers to their headquarters. A few Avengers escaped, leaving the remaining members to face the wrath of the UN.

Hawkeye took control here (much to the dismay of Black Widow, who did not appreciate his aggresive stance), and made some nice speechifying to the United Nations in what, to me, was the best example of Hawkeye's problems with authority.

And the bit at the end as he walked off all proud of himself?


4. Hawkeye and Hercules hit back - Hawkeye's recklessness

There are plenty of examples of Hawkeye being reckless, but this was my favorite example, as Hawkeye finds out that Black Widow is being held captive, and even though he KNOWS that it is a trap, he still thinks that he has to go save her, along with Hercules in tow.

3. Hawkeye versus Crossfire - Hawkeye's stubborn determination

The villain Crossfire is making Hawkeye and Mockingbird (through mind control) fight each other to the death, and it is getting VICIOUS, but Hawkeye uses one of the heads of his sonic arrows to go off in his OWN EAR, thereby making himself deaf, and immune to the sonic mind control.

Hawkeye eventually recovered a little of his hearing, and with hearing aids, he could have normal hearing, but the willingness (heck, the almost instant decision TO go for it) to make himself deaf to beat the bad guy is testimony to his stubborn determination.

2. Hawkeye versus Deathbird - Hawkeye's roguishness

In this Avengers issue by David Michelinie and John Byrne, Hawkeye (booted off the Avengers because of bureaucracy) has ended up as head of security for Cross Enterprises.

He single-handedly defeats Deathbird, who, as you may recall, is generally speaking out of his weight class.

After the fight, as she is headed out all trussed up, Hawkeye leans over, and gives her a big smooch - infuriating her to no end!

1. Hawkeye versus the Grandmaster - Hawkeye the old carny

The carny aspect of Hawkeye's life is a big part, including the costume that he wears, and that carny feel was quite evident in Avengers Annual #16, in which the Avengers (combined teams) faced a Legion of the Unliving, and were picked off one by one until only Captain America and Hawkeye remained against the Grandmaster, fighting for the life of the universe.

Grandmaster was about to destroy them both and continue with his plan to destroy the universe, but Hawkeye, thinking quickly, offered to BET him the universe!!

Hawkeye would take two arrows - one with a head on it, one without.

He would then have the Grandmaster pick which one had the head on it.

Grandmaster chooses - WRONGLY!

He would have whelched, of course, but the distraction at losing was all that it took for Death to free herself and stop the Grandmaster.

Afterwards, Captain America talked about how lucky they were. Hawkeye laughed at the thought, for he had cheated!! Grandmaster HAD picked the right one, but Hawkeye broke the head off the arrow sneakily before showing it to him!!

Later, when the Avengers and West Coast Avengers continued their interrupted softball game, Cap told his teammates - "Watch out for Hawkeye...he cheats."

My pick for most defining Hawkeye moment!

How about you folks? For a character with such a rich history, I am sure that there are some disagreements out there! Let me know!


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Hey, I have a non-spammy comment to make.

I always dug the issue of Thunderbolts where Hercules comes looking for revenge on The Thunderbolts for the beating he received during the takeover of the Avengers Mansion. Anyway, Hawkeye, who is in charge of the Thunderbolts, makes Hercules back down in this great scene. Reluctantly, Hercules backs off, but now counts Hawkeye as an enemy. It's great stuff.

8/21/2005 6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

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