Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Top Five Characters Created During the 1993 Marvel Annuals

In 1993 DC had their Bloodlines titles which created a new character in them. Marvel also used their 1993 annuals in order to introduce a new character in each one But while DC's were all connected by a story, Marvel's were individual stories.


Image hosted by mean this isn't the character from Exiles? Nope, she's just some girl transformed by one of Zemo's creatures into a blond woman with wings. Like a bat. Because she's really a bat inside, see? I don't either. But she does at least have a cool name.


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Annex lost a leg, and used computer technology to create a new one. This process also allowed him to increase his strength and create any weaon he requires from thin air. Annex gets on the list because he had a miniseries. So, he obviously deserves to be on the list. I mean, how may of the other people on the list got minis? One?


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X-Cutioner is a man. Just a man. With a man's courage. But with weapons from all of the X-Men's villains he hunts mutants. He appeared here and there as an X-Men villain for a while, before apparently giving up the role somewhere during the Gambit series, so that a new X-Cutioner could be established. But he had a pretty cool look to him, an interesting character as a former federal agent. Plus, he survived as a villain for a while.

2. X-Treme

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X-Treme is a part Shi-ar part human who can make anyone's blood boil when their blood is exposed to the air. He did have a few appearances, but not many for a long while. Instead, the main thing about X-Treme was that for the longest while he was believed to be the third Summers brother. Of course, he might still be a brother, but not on the Summer's side of the family. This rampant speculation has made X-Treme the second biggest character created from the annuals. Almost every X-Men fan knows his name! How much bigger can you get?

1. Legacy!

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Yes, the son of Captain Marvel was introduced in the Silver Surfer annual. From this humble beginning he eventually got to be in Avengers Forever, have three Captain Marvel series, and is now a star of New Thunderbolts. The dude is a big star now and is popular. Hands down, the future Captain Marvel/Photon is the winner of best character created during the annuals. And for staying power he's tops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It now occurs to me that would be really cool to see Genis team up with Hitman. (Especially during the period when the former was insane.)

8/24/2005 11:06 PM  
Blogger Sean Hutchinson said...

Yo man, the X-Cutioner may not have had an official limited series, but he had a whole freaking saga named after him! It was like, 12 parts! He should beat out ol' blood boiling X-Treme.

8/25/2005 12:27 AM  
Blogger Bill D. said...

Aw, you left out the guy from that year's Captain America annual, The Bantam! Now there was a character ahead of his time... the world just wasn't ready for a boxing, poultry-themed superhero in 1993. Nor is it now, for that matter. I have high hopes for 2019, though.

8/25/2005 10:58 AM  

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