Saturday, August 27, 2005

Top Five Presents to give Sean Whitmore on his Birthday!

Which happens to be today, don't ya know!

5. Season 1 of Paranoid Agent on DVD.

4. A "My mother got pregnant by Magneto, and all I got was stupid green hair" T-Shirt. So he has something to impress Lorna Dane with.

3. Some of Thor's magic arrows from Chuck Austen's Avengers run. You know, just in case Captain Britain ever gives him some guff.

2. A return of Byrne's Mxyzptlk. You know, the one where each time he showed up, you had to do a different thing to make him leave each time, not just make him say his name backwards.

I know Sean was a fan of that version.

1. A Luke Cage action figure!!!

As you may, or may not know (but you SHOULD know), Sean does these hilarious comic book parodies with action figures. One of his jokes is that he has a Bishop figure playing all the black character roles. So now I will make things easier for him by giving him a Luke Cage figure!

Happy Birthday, Sean!!


Blogger Sean Whitmore said...

What's ironic is my mother DID get impregnated by Magneto. But I'd rather not call attention to it, so let's strike that one from the list. The other ones are good though, Bri. :)

8/28/2005 12:09 AM  

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