Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Musings, The Fifth

So I am theoretically supposed to be super busy studying for finals right now. But I’m of the opinion that comics take precedence over exams. Hence, this week’s Musing. I still haven’t been to the comic shop, so I still have no new books to talk about. Sad smiley. So, what then? Nothing in particular, but more a concept. And that concept is Spoilers. Yes, with a capital S.

Why spoilers? Well, I recently had another encounter with one. I’ve been lucky enough to have only had one or two really cool things ruined to me by someone being careless in an interview, or bringing something up randomly in a messageboard thread. The only one that really stands out was the return of Colossus in Astonishing X-Men.

The thing that I was mad about was because it was spoiled in something that wasn’t even really connected to the comic. Yeah, I was reading about comics, but it was a news story about something that definitely wasn’t Joss Whedon or Astonishing X-Men. Right there in the article they had a line about “Colossus’ return in Wednesday’s Astonishing.” Anger. Hate. Dark Side.

Now, if it had been a couple weeks after the issue had come out, I would be more understanding. But it was a matter of days. At the time, I was getting my comics mailed to me. So I would typically get them the Monday after the Wednesday they came out. But that week, I was actually going home for something, so I could pick them up on Saturday. But this article that I read was on Friday. Maybe even Thursday. That’s way too early to reveal something huge like that, in such a haphazard manner.

So what was the most recent spoiler? Well, for those of you who haven’t read the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual, I would suggest skipping to the end of this paragraph, because it deals with that issue. I was reading the Ultimate articles that Newsarama was running in honor of the fifth anniversary of the launch, and they had a two-par interview with Brian Michael Bendis. And in one of his answers, Bendis says the following: “Right after that arc, that’s when Kitty Pryde, Peter’s new girlfriend for those who didn’t pick up the Annual, comes into the book as a supporting player.” Now, granted, the issue came out two Wednesdays ago, but still. No little spoiler warning? While I am slightly disappointed, I’m not as mad as I was over the Colossus thing.

Now, I say that I was upset over the Colossus bit being spoiled, and I was. But it was a fleeting anger, truthfully. Knowing the outcome didn’t ruin the fact that Whedon still told a hell of a story. Knowing that Kitty and Pete are gonna be getting their dink on doesn’t mean I won’t still be able to enjoy the sure to be hilarious, embarrassed teen dialogue that Bendis will use to get them there. And that’s basically my point to this long, rambling anecdotal story. Spoilers suck, but they’re not a reason to totally flip out and kill someone. Enjoy the story for its merits. Everyone knows the Titanic was gonna sink, and that was still a great movie.

That last sentence is a complete lie.


Blogger Brian Cronin said...

You mean people did not know that Titanic was going to sink?

8/29/2005 6:50 PM  
Blogger Sean Hutchinson said...

You'd be surprised, Brian. People might have thought they would change it for a happy ending. The captain throws a can of spinach into the Titanic's engines, and it plows right through the iceberg.

But I was actually referring to Titanic being a great movie as being a lie. Although, in fairness, I have never actually seen it, so I can't truthfully make that statement.

8/29/2005 7:30 PM  
Blogger Sean Whitmore said...

Thanks for ruining the ending to "Titanic" for me, Sean. There goes Monday Movie Night.

Guess I'll have to rent "Passion of the Christ" instead if I want an ending I don't see coming.

8/29/2005 8:02 PM  

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