Friday, June 17, 2005

Snark Free Theme Day for 6/17


1. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing - This may be one of the most famous "everything you thought you knew was wrong" story. Moore revealed to the reader that instead of scientist Alec Holland BECOMING Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing was actually a collection of plants that BELIEVED that it was Alec Holland.

Pretty trippy, eh?

2. Mopee.

Yes, Mopee.

Mopee was the REAL cause of the lightning that hit Barry Allen. He was like the Bat-Mite.

Check it out in Flash #167.

3. Hal Jordan was lobotomized by Abin Sur.

In Peter David's Action Comics Weekly Green Lantern run, he asked the question, "Wouldn't someone literally without fear be kinda nuts?"

So David revealed that what Abin Sur's ring did was search out for the CLOSEST to fearless people he could find, and then he used the ring to MAKE Hal Jordan fearless.

4. Captain America has more reworked origins that anyone I can think of. Two (since debunked) reworkings were that he had a secret family (including a brother who died at Pearl Harbor), which was brought up by Steve Gerber, and more recently, John Ney Reiber posited that perhaps the whole "frozen in ice" story was staged by the government.

5. Recently, Spider-Man had his origin reworked that perhaps it was not the radiation that made the spider transfer powers to Peter Parker, but rather, that the spider ITSELF had powers that it transferred to Peter.

Or not.

JMS is not exactly being opaque on the topic.

6. Writer Bill Mantlo introduced the concept that the Hulk existed in Bruce Banner's subconscious well before the explosion, and it was the explosion that just allowed the Hulk to take over Banner's personality.

Can anyone name me some more?


Blogger Unknown said...

You've really latched onto a notable trend. The ones I can think of were mostly caused as a result of Crisis.

Green Lantern was manipulated by Parlallex.
Firestorm is a fire elemental.
Hawk & Dove were created by a Lord of Chaos and of Order.
Powergirl was the granddaughter of Arion.
Joe Chill was hired to kill the Waynes.
The Justice League Black Canary wasn't the original, but the daughter of the original.
Superboy came from a pocket universe.
Aztek was a pawn of Lex Luther.
The JLI Hawkman was a spy from Thanagar.
Adam Strange was brought to Rann to help repopulate it.

6/17/2005 11:29 PM  
Blogger James Meeley said...

Two words: Donna Troy. I don't think I need to say any more than that. ;)

6/18/2005 8:00 PM  
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