Thursday, June 09, 2005

Snark Free No Prize Game #2

Let's see some help here, people!

Just tell us some Marvel continuity gaffes that you saw in the past year or so, and if we use your pick (and let's be honest, odds are, we will...we don't have a lot to choose from here...hehe), you will receive via the United States Postal Service an Official Snark Free No-Prize in the mail!!

Anyhow, I guess we'll have to go with some ones I've come up with on my own....

Brian C. writes in to ask, "In New Warriors #1, Namorita is blue, but in her last appearances (as Johnny Storm's girlfriend) she was back to her original flesh color. In addition, when she was blue, she called herself Kymaera, not Namorita. What a goof!"

Not so, Brian!

If you remember when Namorita regained her original appearance, it was when her blue skin "shed" in an issue of Nova. However, I do not think that that shedding meant that that was going to definitively be her skin color from then on. If you remember, she had the original flesh color for a LONG time before she went to blue skin. In addition, if you might recall, the blue skin was partially attributed to the stress of leading the Warriors, so I do not think it would be surprising at all that some recent stress (perhaps her breakup with Johnny Storm?) would have brought the blue skin back.

As for the name thing, I think it is quite simple. When she first turned blue, she freaked out and wanted to live as a hermit. She specifically no longer saw herself as, well, herself. Now, she is used to it, and realizes that blue skin does not make her a different person, so she is keeping the same name.

B. Cronin writes to inform us of a goof, "In X-Men Phoenix: Endsong #2, Cyclops blasts Emma Frost with his optic blast while she is in diamond form and it just refracts by her diamond form! But Cyclops' optic beam is a CONCUSSIVE force, not a laser beam! It should have knocked her across the room, not refracted! What a mistake!"

I will admit, Mr. Cronin, that is sure looks bad for the X-Men, but if you recall, Emma Frost is a telepath, so the only reasonable solution is that the whole "Cyclops blasting her with his optic beam and the beam being refracted" thing took place in their minds.

Remember, this was at a time when Emma was concerned about their relationship, and we already saw in the pages of New X-Men that Emma was used to using the pyschic plane for therapuetic purposes. So that is what must have occured in this situation.

That's all for this week, folks!

Please, send in some picks!

I'm sick of this Cronin character!