Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How To Make Cool Comic Words!

This is something that the cool science fiction comic writers like Arnold Drake realized, and what the current comic "idea man," Grant Morrison knows....and now YOU can, too!!!

How to make cool comic words.

The first step is to find a normal word that you want to use. Better to use big words, but you can use small words, if you'd like.

A good example is, say, transformer.

Normal, standard word, right?

Okay, here is the trick.

You pick ANOTHER word, a word more identified with comics, and add that to the BEGINNING of the word (normally with a hyphen, but not always).




See how easy it is?

So now you know how to make comic words.

Like when Superman wants to listen in on something, he doesn't use his hearing...he uses his SUPER-hearing!

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, Charlie-27 was not in the militia, he was in the SPACE-militia.

Thanos didn't go around picking up special gems, he picked up INFINITY gems.

Galactus wouldn't mind a nullifier, but when shown the ULTIMATE nullifier, THEN he was worried.

Class dismissed!!