Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Snark Free No Prize Game - YOUR Help Needed!

Marvel does not do No Prizes at the moment, so I figure, why not do them HERE?!?

So every Thursday, we will take a crack at coming up with No Prize solutions to Marvel comics!

For people who don't know what a No Prize, it used to be awarded for anyone who caught a mistake in a Marvel comic and then came up with a feasible reason why it was NOT, in fact, a mistake!

So everyone, come up with some good Marvel mistakes you have noticed in the last year or so, and the Snark Free Panel of Experts will try to come up with No Prizes for them!

Post them in response to this entry, and next Thursday, we will begin!

Anyone whose suggestion we decide to answer will win an official Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog NO-PRIZE!!!