Saturday, May 21, 2005

Have You Ever Been Cajoled?

Well, I have, and said cajoling was by the evil Absorbascon.

So I will express the position of the Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog on the Rann/Thanagar War (withOUT consulting the Seans!).

The Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog supports the peace-loving nerds of Rann over the bullies of Thanagar.

I mean, seriously, how can I support a planet that tried to INVADE EARTH!??!?!

Rann is a pal of Earth while Thanagar tried to INVADE it!!!

And Rann never messed with Justice League continuity like Thanagar did (See the unholy continuity mess that was Hawkworld, where John Ostrander was awarded the Bronze Star of Continuity-Fixing with his work in explaining away the continuity snafus caused by Hawkworld).

There, our position has been stated!

Whoever said strong arm tactics do not work?