Saturday, May 14, 2005

Snapper Carr - The Poor Man's Rick Jones

Recently, on my bit about how Rick Jones is the most diversified supporting character in comics, someone mentioned Snapper Carr.

And while Snapper is not up to Rick's level, he still led a quite interesting comic career. Interesting enough that I will quickly detail it.

1. Snapper helped the Justice League in their very first appearance! He aided them in their defeat of Starro. That is where he became their mascot.

2. For the early issue of Justice League of America, Snapper worked a lot like Rick Jones in Avengers. No powers of any kind, but he still hung out with the team each issue, occasionally even being useful!

3. However, Snapper screwed the pooch when he was tricked into betraying the Justice League.

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This was also Snapper's FIRST cover appearance!

4. Snapper showed up as the Star Tsar, but he was just being used.

5. Snapper's next real appearance was during Invasion!, when he gained superpowers along with a group of other random humans, and they formed a funny superteam called The Blasters (Snapper could teleport by snapping his fingers).

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6. Snapper then became the best friend of the android known as Hourman.

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7. After that series ended, Snapper became the new adult supervisor for Young Justice.

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That's the last we've seen of Snapper.

So he's had a memorable supporting character career, just not nearly as memorable of Mr. Jones (a Bob Dylan reference sneaking in there! What are the odds?!!?).