Monday, May 09, 2005

Ron Frenz Rule In Action

Like I said the other day, what I will occassionally do here is show you examples/violations of the various theories/rules that I come up with about comic books.

Today, I will show you three violations of the Ron Frenz Rule.

The first is Adam Pollina's Wasp redesign.

Image hosted by

It certainly made for a striking cover, but that is about I do not think many artists could draw this Wasp redesign the way Pollina envisioned it.

This cover shows TWO violations of the rule by George Perez!

Image hosted by

Both Scarlet Witch AND Justice's costumes could only be adequately depicted by Perez himself (and Justice's looks silly no matter WHO was drawing it).

To note the violation, Alan Davis changed Scarlet Witch's costume in his first issue on the book.

Be sure to chime in if you ever see a Ron Frenz Rule violator!!


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