Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hiding in the Cover Fun for May 8th

New game!!!

I will now share a cover(s) every Sunday with a hidden message/something in the cover!

I will begin with John Byrne's entire Hidden Years series (I figure I will do split it into six a week for the next few weeks).

As some may know, the last issue featuring the original X-Men was X-Men #66. Byrne's Hidden Years was to pick up directly where that issue ended.

Therefore, Byrne hid on each cover the number the book WOULD be if the book had continued. So, for instance, Hidden Years #1 would have the number 67 hidden in the cover, #2 would have 68 and so on.

Good luck finding them!

Be sure to share when you find them (as even I cannot find one or two...I hope these covers are big enough...I am pretty sure they are)!!!

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Have fun!!


Blogger Loren said...

Well, I found two.

67 is on the rock behind Cyclops' left hand. It's beside his thumb.

69 is on the seat of the boat, right below the word 'ALONE'.

5/09/2005 9:45 AM  

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