Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fun With Cover Homages for 5/4

It's always interesting to note how long it takes before a particular cover is homaged.

Take today's cover, one of the more famous covers of the past thirty years (and it is just celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year), Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Image hosted by

The first homage I can recall is the Uncanny X-Men Annual #10.

Image hosted by

Next time was four years later, during the very long "no official X-Men team" period.

Image hosted by

Next, Andy Kubert (who, up until that point, did not do a single homage. He did ANOTHER one, though, just a year later) did one...and like the X-Men Annual, it ALSO featured the X-Babies.

Image hosted by

Finally, in Joe Kelly's first issue, we have the following...

Image hosted by


EDITED TO ADD this Legion of Superheroes cover courtesy of Johanna.

Image hosted by

This was when they went through the weird era where the team added costumes and they were all either aged or de-aged.

Really weird stretch of issues.

Great Immonen art, though!

EDITED TO ADD this X-Statix cover courtesy of Matt.

Image hosted by

I really liked X-Statix.

Any others out there?


Blogger Johanna said...

Does this one count?
Legion of Super-Heroes #54, with a REAL die-cut.

5/04/2005 5:27 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

It most certainly does.

I'll add it to the list now!

5/05/2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

There's this one:

5/05/2005 10:08 AM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Good pick up, Matt.

5/05/2005 4:48 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yeah, I dug X-Statix too. Well, actually, I haven't read all of the issues of X-Statix, but I have the whole Milligan/Allred run of X-Force, and really liked it. Also whenever I mention Mike Allred, I have to mention that he is from the same town I grew up in, Roseburg, Oregon. Oh yeah, and I also thought that X-Statix cover was interesting because several of the characters who are watching in horror are the same characters who are breaking through the cover of the book. Weird.

5/06/2005 10:43 AM  
Blogger 2097 said...

Yeah, I think that’s a joke—just like Cyclops on the original Giant-Size X-Men.

But U-Go Girl was replaced with Venus de Milo, for example.

X-Statix is, probably, my favorite comic of all time but I read the X-Statix issues first and only later realized that there had been a run on X-Force, that I’ve since read.

5/28/2012 4:25 PM  

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