Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Annoying Rival Battle Tournament - Round One

I will start with the Secret ID Bracket.

1. Flash Thompson makes short work of 4. J. Devlin Davenport. Davenport has been quite succesful, in that he has managed to survive as a character for over a decade, but Thompson just has much more going for him - as he interacts with Peter Parker in his regular identity, but he is also the head of the Spider-Man Fan Club! The irony is great, isn't it?

Flash takes this one.

2. Steve Lombard has a decent challenge from 3. Cliff Carmichael. Cliff Carmichael does have some extra cred as he is still actually appearing in the comic books, unlike Mr. Lombard, but Carmichael also gets some of that cred taken away by the fact that he recently returned in the pages of Firestorm not to be ANNOYING, but rather, to KILL Ronnie Raymond!!!

And that is totally uncool.

So that, I think, throws the match in Lombard's favor.

Now we move over to the Teen Comics bracket.

1. Reggie Mantle makes short work of 4. Hedy Wolfe. Hedy Wolfe gets SOME extra credit for being brought into Marvel continuity along with her rival, Patsy Walker (heck, Wolfe has appeared as recently as 2001's Hellcat mini-series!). However, she just pales to Reggie, an annoying rival so popular that he got his own title at one point!!

2. Alexandra Cabot has some trouble with 3. Cheryl Blossom. Cabot is the longer-lasting character, but you know what? I am going to go with Cheryl Blossom pulling off the mild upset here.


Well, first of all, Cabot is basically just a female version of her brother. You really DON'T need both of them.

In addition, like Reggie, Cheryl actually had her own title!! It is hard to compete with that.

So after the first round, the matchups stand as follows:


1. Flash Thompson
2. Steve Lombard


1. Reggie Mantle
3. Cheryl Blossom

Winners will be announced on Thursday!

What say you all?


Blogger Scipio said...

Flash. Longevity counts, as does the currency of ones opponent, and he wins on both.

The only annoying rival worse the Reggie Mantle is Reginald Van Dough, the Messiah of Annoying Rivals.

5/03/2005 11:35 PM  
Blogger Sean Whitmore said...

Flash is takin' it all the way, bay-bee!

Reggie and Cheryl can go suck a lemon. They are peons in the Light that is Flash.

5/05/2005 12:21 AM  

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