Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fun With Cover Homages for 5/18

This one deserves an homage, as it is the very first modern superhero cover!

Yep, I'm talking about Action Comics #1!

Here it is...

Image hosted by

We had to wait for MARVEL to first homage the cover!

Image hosted by

DC's first homage was with Supergirl striking the pose after the death of Superman..

Image hosted by

Next, we see ill-advised character Scorn strike the pose...

Image hosted by

Exactly a year later, we see future Superman strike the pose...

Image hosted by

Finally, Mr Majestic is the last one to use the pose...

Image hosted by

This last one is interesting, as it is a bit different than normal, as it is a redo of the Action Comics #1 cover, just from a different perspective!!

Image hosted by

Cool, eh?

Did I miss any? Fill me in!

omike015 and naladahc chipped in these ones that I missed.

Secret Origins #1 has a faraway look at the cover...

Image hosted by

John Byrne has She-Hulk pretty much duplicate the feat...

Image hosted by

Finally, Superboy definitely does a riff on it...

Image hosted by

Thanks for the suggestions, folks!


Blogger omike015 said...

Other homages:

- Fantastic Four #291 - Though for some bizarre reason, Byrne chose to reverse the image(!).

- Superman/Risk: Double Shot - From 1998

- There was an Alex Ross Madman cover (I don't know the specific comic or issue number) that spoofed it, as well. It showed Madman and his cast reading a copy of "Madmen Comics," and the cover of the comic spoofed ACTION COMICS #1 to a tee. Though, in traditional Madman insanity, Madman was unable to lift the car on the cover!

- Superman: A Nation Divided - This one's kind of vague. I'm not sure it was an intentional homage or not.

- I've always seen WHIZ COMICS #2 as a swipe, too. Though maybe that's just my paranoia. ;)

5/19/2005 12:50 AM  
Blogger naladahc said...

Well I don't know about it but can you cound the cover of Secret Origins #1 as an homage? I mean it is more or less a copy of Action #1 but with lots of elements of many All-Star Comics covers thrown in too.

5/19/2005 7:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Did you ever cover all the homages to the Crisis "Death of Supergirl" cover?

11/14/2008 2:44 AM  
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