Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ice Was a Cool Comic Character

I remember at one point, Mark Waid said that the biggest mistake he ever made was killing off Ice.

I believe he said this in, like, 1996 so I do not know if he still feels that way, but I would not begrudge him if he did, as I think the loss of Ice was a real shame in the DC Universe, as she was a fine character.

What is funny is that Giffen and DeMatteis did not even really WANT her to begin with. They just wanted more female characters for the league after they lost Black Canary to the gritty Green Arrow.

So they settled on two Global Guardians, Fire and Ice.

Their combo was great, but it was brilliant to team her up with Guy Gardner in a romantic relationship.

I bring this up now because of tomorrow's JLA Classified, which is a very good issue by Giffen/DeMatteis dealing with Ice's demise.

It really shows how much she touched a lot of heroes' hearts.

My three favorite issues with Ice are the issue right after the League thinks Mister Miracle has died, and Guy and Ice have a nice moment together.

Next, the issue where they go to the Ice Dancing show.

Finally, I especially recommend the issue of Justice League Quarterly written by Mark Waid, where he shows that Ice's power is not really shooting out ice blasts, but it is her heart.

Great character.