Monday, June 06, 2005

What Changes Occured During Secret Wars?

With the news of DC leaping forward one year, I thought it would be a fun idea to look back at the event being compared to this idea, which was how each Marvel book, during Secret Wars, leaped forward a number of months during the one issue that they were missing for Secret Wars.

After the jump in time, a number of changes occured. I will now detail them...

1. Probably the most memorable one was Spider-Man gaining a new superhero costume. During Secret Wars, when all the other heroes were getting their costumes fixed, Spider-Man grabbed the wrong machine and instead got an alien symbiote that made his new costume (and eventually became Venom).

2. Ben Grimm gained the ability to turn into the Thing whenever he chose to. So Ben decided to stay behind on the Battleworld where Secret Wars took place.

3. She-Hulk joined the Fantastic Four to replace the Thing.

4. Colossus broke up with Kitty Pryde after messing around with some alien lady on the Secret Wars planet.

5. The Molecule Man got himself a girlfriend, Volcana.

6. The Absorbing Man and a new villainess, Titania, became partners.

7. Vision used the time that the Avengers were gone to plot his control of first the team, and then the world itself...eventually leading to the formation of the West Coast Avengers.

8. James Meeley responds to point out that I left off the introduction of the new Spider Woman. Good call.

9. In addition, I took a quick check at the original series, and there WAS a plot point that I wasn't sure about, but it WAS, in fact, addressed in the comic, and that was the fact that wearing Tony Stark's armor was beginning to mess with James Rhodes' head (as the armor was designed for Tony's brain, not Rhodey's). This would later become a significant plot point in the pages of Iron Man.

So will DC match these events?

Time will only tell...

(Of course, you should feel free to remind me of changes that I might have missed)


Blogger James Meeley said...

You forgot to add the introduction of an all-new Spider-Woman (whom was the sorce of inspiration for Spider-Man's new costumed look).

Otherwise, you pretty much hit all the major changes.

6/07/2005 1:05 AM  
Blogger Bill D. said...

Didn't Hulk start to personality slide from Shiny Happy Intelligent Hulk back into HULK SMASH Hulk? I remember him seeming pretty surly in that last issue, and the whole "Crossroads" thing started up pretty soon afterwards, IIRC.

6/08/2005 7:26 PM  
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