Thursday, June 16, 2005

Snark Free No Prize Game #3

Help us out here, folks!

Just tell us some Marvel continuity gaffes that you saw in the past year or so, and if we use your pick (and let's be honest, odds are, we will...we don't have a lot to choose from here...hehe), you will receive via the United States Postal Service an Official Snark Free No-Prize in the mail!! if you want to e-mail it rather than post it here!

Anyhow, I guess we'll have to go with some ones I've come up with on my own....all Black Panther edition!!

Brian C. writes, "In Black Panther #4, which is set in the past, the Radioactive Man appears - only he's Russian! What a goof!!"

Not so fast, Brian!

Notice that at no point in the book do they state that it is the SAME Radioactive Man who is currently appearing in Thunderbolts.

Yes, writer Reginald Hudlin has made some rather odd comments suggesting that he IS supposed to be the replacement for that character, but nowhere in the book does it say that.

Therefore, it is more likely that we will learn that this is just the Russian counterpart to the Chinese Radioactive Man.

B. Cronin writes, "In Black Panther, we meet a character calling himself the Black Knight, but is neither Dane Whitman nor his evil uncle! What a goof!"

As Reginald Hudlin explains, this is just a different Black Knight. Furthermore, according to my pal Loren, in this particular time in Marvel continuity, there WAS no Black Knight (as they were between Black Knights at the Dane Whitman had not yet taken over the name).

So it DOES fit into Marvel continuity!

That is it for this week, but please, folks, send in some suggestions of your own!