Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Who Are The Coolest Comic Presidents?

Most of the time, the presidents in comic books are either nameless or they are the actual current president.

Here I will name the five (in my opinion) coolest fictional comic book presidents.

1. Prez - Prez Rickard (a brainchild of Joe Simon) was the first teen president.

How awesome is THAT?!?!

And how many presidents get to deal with vampires?!!?

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2. Kyle Richmond (Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme)

This guy was so cool that after he resigned as president, he went out and took down the entire Squadron Supreme using just a bunch of second-string villains to do so!

3. Troy Stewart (Formerly Tyroc of the Legion)

He was president of New Earth during Keith Giffen's Legion of Superheroes.

Before that, he was a member of the Legion who could kick people's butts just using his VOICE!

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4. Magnus Robot Fighter

After the long war for the freedom of Earth from Malev-7, Magnus becomes President of Earth.

Only Malev-7 wasn't REALLY defeated, it was just being sneaky.

So Magnus has to pretty much take on the entire planet this time.

Tragic stuff.

5. Dragon from Savage Dragon.

Well, come on, he is obviously very cool!

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Any other cool comic presidents that I have missed?