Friday, September 16, 2005

Snark Free Theme Day for 9/16

This one is spoileriffic, because today's theme is "Big Bad Revealing Itself As Someone Close to the Hero"

1. Just recently, in the pages of Captain America, the city of Philadelphia was bombed by what looks to be the return of Bucky!!

2. A vigilante is cutting a path through the Gotham underworld in recent Batman stories. Named the Red Hood, he is causing a problem for Batman AND the other criminales in town, until Batman comes face to face with him, and learns that it is Jason Todd!

3. Blue Beetle was recently investigating a conspiracy that was moving against every superhero in the world, and his investigation led him all the way to a castle, and the revelation that the big bad guy was Beetle's good friend, Maxwell Lord!! Lord then shot Beetle in the head when Beetle refused to join him.

4. Peter Parker was qutie distressed when he learned that his evil nemesis the Green Goblin was secretly Norman Osborn, father of Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn!

5. The Avengers were felled by the Masters of Evil once, only to find out that the leader of the Masters of Evil, and the man who betrayed them was Jarvis, their own butler!!! It later turned out, thankfully, that Jarvis was basically being manipulated by Ultron.

6. Awhile back, the Avengers found themselves on the run from the government. As it turned out, it was due to evidence planted against them by one of their own. The villain? Former member, Quicksilver!

7. Years later, the Avengers were once again betrayed by one of their own, as it was revealed that Avenger stalwart, Iron Man, was secretly being manipulated by Kang for years!

8. Years after THAT, it turned out that Avenger stalwart, Scarlet Witch, had gone nuts years earlier, and was using her powers to destroy the Avengers!!

9. Recently, the heroes of the DC Universe bound together to find out killed Sue Dibny, only to have it be revealed that the killer was none other than Jean Loring, the Atom's former wife!!!

That's it for me, but I am sure you all can think of some more!!


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