Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cool Comic Fill-In - Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #53

This was a fun fill-in issue by Bill Mantlo and Jim Mooney, both of whom, at one point or another, were part of this title's regular creative team.

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The issuehas two many points to it.

The first is an extended sequence where Peter Parker has to go into action without his costume. There's a lot of good jokes involving people thinking that he is trying to kill himself when they see a guy in a suit jump out of a window. Also, amusingly enough, Peter's web mask well, he has to wait an hour for it to dissipate.

Funny stuff.

The second half was more of a way for Mantlo to reconcile the Tinkerer with some bad guys that Spider-Man had faced in Amazing Spider-Man (namely the Rocket Racer and the Big Wheel). Tinkerer was behind them both.

At the end, the Tinkerer shows great remorse when a robot he built is destroyed. It is weird scene, and Mantlo does a good job showing how it is weird for SPIDEY, too!!

Mooney's art was good.

Strong John Romita Jr. cover!


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