Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fun Run for 9/10

Today's Fun Run is Tom Peyer's Hourman!

This run really defines the term "fun," as that was Peyer's main goal with this series, to have fun. And the character of Hourman, android from the future, really was not predisposed towards being a "fun" character, but Peyer decided to surround him with characters like Snapper Carr, who, in Peyer's title, was the definition of fun.

From that point, we had twenty-five issues of solid, wacky and weird stories, but always with an emotional anchor making sure that they were not TOO wacky.

We CARED about these characters, and when things happened to them, we were interested in how it worked out.

The art was by Rags Morales PRE-Michael Bair, but it was still good art.

Probably the most inspired piece in the series was the relationship between Snapper, his ex-wife Bethany, and Hourmans. You see, she did not fall for Hourman, the naive robot from the future who needs Snapper's help in learning about humanity. No, she falls for Hourman of the FUTURE - the same robot, but from a few years down the line, who is well-versed in humanity, and is no longer naive. He comes back in time to woo Bethany. How is THAT for intriguing? Of course, there is more to this future Hourman than meets the eye (as things often are).

It is all very much like a Christopher Priest comic...which means it was emotional, character-driven, complex, funny...and good.

I am sure you can get some issues at your local comic store still!


Blogger Jhunt said...

I LOVED this run. One of the great short-lived DC series. Hourman, Chronos, Chase.. all top-notch comics. It's almost bizarre that Starman made it through to the end of it's run, considering how well it fits in with these quickly-cancelled series.

9/11/2005 6:25 PM  

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