Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Challenge - Scarlet Witch vs. She-Hulk

If you placed the two Avengers on a team of all male, single superheroes...who would have the higher proportion of the team enamored with her?


Blogger Greg said...

This is a more difficult question than it appears since one should figure into the equation things like She-Hulk's rampaging and Scarlet Witch's killing. However, I like my mainstream comics a little on the simple side, so I'll analyze the question as if both characters were still virgin to the darkening that passes for character development too often these days.

Push comes to shove, I think Wanda would attract more of the attention of the male members. Generally speaking, she has always been written as slightly shy. Men in general daydream about playing the hero, rescuing a retiring maiden and winning her heart; the men of the Avengers are heroes and Wanda, at least on the service, provides them with a potential damsel to really rescue. To that, add that she is beautiful, intelligent, and that her accent is probably really sexy and you have the character most Avengers would have a crush on.
Even Thor, as far as I can remember, as shown more of a fondness for the retiring type; his relationship with Sif didn't have any legs.

Not that She-Hulk wouldn't have her admirers, but part from Hercules, Luke Cage, and Namor, I just don't think many of the male Avengers could see past her personality, aggressive attitude in battle, and height and remember she is a woman and not just "one of the guys."

Of course, the number one crush fodder among the female Avengers is the Wasp.

9/27/2005 12:29 AM  
Blogger Chris Arndt said...

Actually one would think the Wasp would be even more intimidating.

She's independently wealthy; has set up an external facade of being the most self-assured in regards to her own personal life; professionally she is the most self-assured super-heroine that the Avengers ever included in her ranks.

Not only that but in her early days, despite her feelings for Hank Pym she acted like a man-eater (if only to make him jealous; yet still playing with the feelings of the men).

I spend time coaxing ideas and feelings and whatnot out of shy women; it's well worth it seeing any kind of freaking assertion!

She-Hulk I probaby could not get traction with, regardless of how many automobiles I can benchpress.

9/27/2005 1:19 PM  

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