Sunday, September 25, 2005

Great Supporting Character - Frieda Goren

Frieda Goren was basically the Katharine Hepburn character in Static to Virgil "Static" Hawkins' Spencer Tracey.

Except they were teenagers and not romantically involved.

Otherwise, the connection is the same, as they have witty banter with each other while also being each other's shoulder to lean on during times of crisis.

Frieda did not always know that Virgil was Static, but really, hiding secrets has never been a big deal, as Frieda could obviously tell that Virgil was into her romantically, while she was secretly dating the better looking Larry (Virgil's cool friend).

Frieda was a white Jewish girl, while Virgil was an African-American non-Jewish boy, so that aspect of their relationship was also interesting, and the writers made good use of it at a time when the relationship between Jews and African-Americans in New York City were very sketchy.

But that aspect was minor, and paled to the fact that the two had such a nice, realistic banter going on while, at the same time, Frieda would help Virgil maintain a secret identity AND a semibalance of a normal life.

Man...Static was a great comic book.

Anyone watch the cartoon show at all? Is it any good?


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