Thursday, September 22, 2005

Really Cool Scenes - Guy Gardner Gets Sinestro's Ring

I was not a fan of Gerard Jones' take on Guy Gardner, for the most part. It often seemed that Jones liked to put Guy down to make Hal Jordan look better. He also seemed to have Guy lack some of the nuances other writers (specifically Giffen and DeMatteis) tried to sneak into Guy's background.

In any event, Jones did contribute one very memorable scene in Guy's history, when he had the mini-series Guy Gardner: Reborn, where Guy enlists Lobo's help to get Sinestro's ring (as Guy was no longer a Green Lantern).

Guy promises the ring TO Lobo in exchange for his help, but then double-crosses Lobo to get the ring for himself. However, the Guardians and John Stewart are trying to keep Guy from getting to the ring.

Meanwhile, Sinestro's spirit is also trying to take over John Stewart's body to get the ring for SINESTRO.

Finally, it comes down to Guy vs. Sinestro, in a battle of wills for the ring.

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Very cool scene showing Guy's determination.

Sinestro bats him around and mocks his incompetence, and Guy gets to deliver a neat speech - something along the lines of, "Yeah, Sinestro, I may not have the looks, or the talent, or the friends or (a bunch of other things I can't recall)....but I do have one thing....I got your ring."

And there's Guy - holding the ring triumphantly on his hand.

Guy then goes off to wipe the floor with the Qwardians who followed Lobo and Guy to Oa (previously, they had thought that the ring was with the Qwardians).

Good stuff...good stuff.


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Good stuff? That was great stuff.

I remember that. And the LOOK Guy gave before he blasted Sinestro into his component quarks.

Guy Gardner is the one, true Green Lantern. Period.

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