Sunday, June 19, 2005

Great Supporting Characters - Ben Urich

One of the coolest things about Ben Urich, in my opinion, is that he existed for five issues before Frank Miller became the artist on Daredevil, and fifteen before Miller became the writer on the title.

So to see Miller basically treat Urich as a pet character is nice to see, as it is always nice to see writers look affectionately upon supporting characters of previous writers.

Miller handled him in such a manner that is quite commonplace nowadays (letting the supporting character narrate the story), but at the time, it was quite innovative for a comic book, and Miller gave Urich such depth that it was COOL to follow the comic from his perspective.

In addition, Urich was SMART - he figured out Matt Murdock's secret identity using just know-how!

But he was honorable enough not to use that info, and he was also honorable enough to stick up against the Kingpin, even though he was basically a gnat to the power of Kingpin.

Recently, Brian Michael Bendis has made Ben one-half of the Daily Bugle's new superhero supplement, the Pulse.

The Pulse (the title) has been caught up a bit too much in crossovers at the moment, but when that is finished, expect to see more of Ben!

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