Friday, May 13, 2005

Great Supporting Characters - Maggie Sawyer

Let's give the background characters a moment in the spotlight!

One of the coolest aspects of John Byrne's Superman revamp was the introduction of Maggie Sawyer, the head of the Special Crimes Unit in Metropolis.

Obviously, such a unit would often come into contact with Superman, and Maggie became close friends with Superman.

Maggie had been married once, and had a child, but left town when she realized she was a lesbian.

In Metropolis, she began seeing Lois Lane-esque reporter, Toby Bailey.

Heck, no wonder Superman and Maggie got along so well, they even have the same taste in women!

Maggie was a cop in Star City before she left, and I always thought that a story that we never saw and we SHOULD have seen is seeing Maggie in her Star City days, as you got to figure she ran into Green Arrow more than a few times.

I would have loved to have seen that confrontation.

After being a supporting character in the Superman books for a long time, Maggie admittedly fell to the wayside a bit, so when Gotham Central started, Greg Rucka imported Maggie to Gotham City to join the cast of Gotham Central.

A big loss to the Superman titles.

Maggie even once starred in her own mini-series (ostensibly titled Metropolis SCU)!!

Here's Maggie as depicted on the cover of one of the issues of that mini-series.

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