Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Prize Game for 7/10

Mention continuity errrors you noticed in Marvel Comics, and win a No Prize!!

Post them here or e-mail me (!!

Today's "errors" are....

B. Cronin writes, "This week, Marvel released two books, both set after the New Avengers prison escape, and both featured the Wrecker! That makes no sense! What a goof!"

Not so fast, Mr. Cronin.

If you recall, New Avengers #7 is set right after the breakout, like, a day or so later.

Toxin #4 is set well past the breakout, as villains like Razorfist have already developed a large following of kids.

If the Wrecker found his crowbar in TOXIN, then there might be an issue, but he didn't, he found it in New Avengers.

So no goof there!!

And speaking of New Avengers, that reminds of the bit from Brian C., who wrote about the series, "They have characters shown as prisoners in the prison who died YEARS ago! And I'm not talking "new character - same costuem, the EXACT same villains! What a goof!"

Not so fast, Brian.

In #6, we learned that SHIELD has, for some secretive reason, been FAKING the deaths of prisoners so that they can hold them in jail without anyone knowing.

Scary, huh?

But not a goof!

That's it for today!

Let's see some errors, people!!