Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fun Run for 7/9

Today's Fun Run is Chuck Dixon's run on Robin.

Yes, that's right.

His WHOLE run.

All 100 issues of it.

What can I say?

It was a fun run!

The way that he developed Shotgun Smith (the suburbian version of Harvey Bullock).

The way that he developed Spoiler to the point that she was so popular that the fans DEMANDED that Tim date her.

The way that he worked in new villains constantly.

The way he worked in older villains he created constantly.

The way he made Tim's Dad and his Step Mom cool characters.

The way he gave personality to Tim's friends.

The way he addressed serious issues without getting preachy.

The way he worked in crossovers with grace and aplumb.

The way he changed the book DRASTICALLY post No Man's Land, but STILL kept the same sense of fun.

The way he introduced and developed THOSE characters as well (his roommate, and all his friends at the school).

Basically, each facet of the book pretty much combined to form one word.

It has three letters.

The first letter is F.

The last letter in N.

The middle one?

U know.