Thursday, June 30, 2005

Snark Free No-Prize Game #5

Help us out here, folks!

Just tell us some Marvel continuity gaffes that you saw in the past year or so, and if we use your pick (and let's be honest, odds are, we will...we don't have a lot to choose from here...hehe), you will receive via the United States Postal Service an Official Snark Free No-Prize in the mail!! if you want to e-mail it rather than post it here!

Today, though, we received our first letter! Huzzah!

Adrian James writes, "Here's one: At the end of Excalibur, Captain Britain
had lost his powers and married Meggan and they were living in Braddock Manor. In Ben Raab's follow-up Excalibur miniseries, Roma died and Brian Braddock became King of Avalon. But then, when he reappeared in Chuck Austen's Avengers, he was still Captain Britain (because he had to pass on the mantle of Captain Britain to the new one) and none of this was mentioned at all! What a goof!"

Excellent question, Adrian!

However, I think the current events of Uncanny X-Men can explain this quite well. In it, Psylocke has been brought to life by her seemingly deceased brother, Jamie.

Jamie has the power to shape reality.

We have already seen what he was doing to Psylocke, but what about his OTHER sibling?

We have seen nothing as to what he was doing to Brian, so it would not take a large leap of faith to presume that he is doing something to Brian as well, like mess with his status perhaps?

I think so!

I think I will rest on the laurels of our first letter.

I want to see more, though, people!!

Back to two answers next week (hopefully two questions from you folks)!

And Adrian, if you want a Snark Free No Prize, feel free to send us your mailing address.