Saturday, June 25, 2005

Snark Free Fun Run for 6/25

Today's fun run is Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos' Impulse.

This book is basically THE definition of "fun."

That is, until later on, as the book got caught up in crossovers and then Waid's departure.

But early on, Mark Waid was willing to just have FUN on this title, and Ramos supplied him with the art to go with such an attitude.

Waid also introduced (and devloped quickly) a very interesting supporting cast for young Bart Allen.

His mentor, Max Mercury (a Waid creation basically).

Max's grown-up daughter.

Bart's school friends.

They all played off each other quite well.

This was a really good run by Waid.

My particular favorite was #3, Bart's first day of school.

It was a rarity at the time (mid-90s) to see such a HILARIOUS comic book!

It was such a joy for me to read it, and literally laugh out loud at certain sections, as we see Bart casually (and sometimes accidentally) become the most popular kid in middle school.

I did not dislike the later stories on this series, but the early Waid and Ramos issues are truly the pinnacle of this comic.


Blogger Eliot said...

Was my comment over at CSBG the inspiration for this piece?

I hope so, because the Waid/Ramos run on IMPULSE was one of the most fun (and one of the all around best) comic books I've ever read. And, it was wonderful even when it dabbled in poignancy (the issue where Preston's mom beats him and the issues with Impulse's mom).

That run on IMPULSE not only got me into comics initially, but also brought me back into comics. One day, I just happened to stumble onto Impulse #20 (my personal favorite issue of the run) and I was just like "wow...comics are good...I should read them again."

One of the best DC runs of the 90s, without question. Excellent post, Brian.

6/27/2005 2:28 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

Yeah, Eliot, you mentioned it, and I said something like "That was a fun run," then it occured to me, "Wait a do a fun run shtick at Snark Free, you should do Impulse!!'

6/27/2005 3:56 PM  
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