Thursday, July 07, 2005

No-Prize Game for 7/7

Remember, folks!

If you chime in with continuity errors that you have noticed in Marvel Comics, you can win an official Snark Free Waters No-Prize, delivered right to your door!

Since no one has chosen to play (you can also e-mail me at, I will supply the errors.

Let's begin!

Special New Avengers #6 edition!

B. Cronin writes in to say, "In New Avengers #6, Sauron can breathe fire! He can't breath fire! What a goof!"

Not so fast, Mr. Cronin!

First of all, writer Brian Michael Bendis insists that he saw Sauron breathe fire once in an old comic book. If so, then that clears THAT up.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other explanations.

Remember, Sauron was experimented on at Weapon X. Who is to say that they didn't give him the ability to breathe fire?

Sauron also could have had a secondary mutation.

Or perhaps this is just a weird side effect to him being shot in the head.

Plenty of logical reasons why he can breathe fire now (even if he has not, as Bendis says he HAS, done so in the past).

Brian C. writes in to say, "In New Avengers #6, they explain away Sauron's recovery by saying that he absorbed Wolverine's healing ability. But Sauron doesn't absorb POWERS, he absorbs life energy!! What a goof!"

Not so fast, Brian!

First of all, perhaps he had a secondary mutation where he can absorb powers now (and maybe that would explain both that AND the fire-breathing).

Secondly, Wolverine said he MIGHT have absorbed Wolverine's powers. Nothing definite.

So that's it for this week!

Let's see some errors, people!