Sunday, July 31, 2005

Character We Should See More Of - James Rhodes

Isn't it sorta amazing that we have not seen James Rhodes in over a year and a half?

That is too bad, as Jim Rhodes is a great character.

David Michelinie is a fine writer, and his introduction of Rhodey into Iron Man was done with such fluidity and smoothness that I was extremely impressed.

As soon as he was introduced, Rhodey seemed like he had been appearing in the book for years.

The relationship between Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes quickly became the best part of the book, making Tony's relationship with Bethany Cabe pale in comparison.

Later, when Rhodes became Iron Man, it was a rare exception in the whole "superhero gets replaced" story in that Rhodey did not really seem like an usurper, the same way that an Azrael or a Johnny Walker did for Batman and Captain America.

I really enjoyed, later on, when John Byrne rewrote Tony Stark's Iron Man origin so as to include Rhodey. I thought that that was quite clever.

Rhodes' War Machine time was not the proudest moment of his career, but Christopher Priest seemed to be returning Jim to a proper level of coolness.

Too bad that the Crew ended.

I want Rhodey to appear in comics again!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's weird that Rhodey gets a Marvel Legend toy and hasn't had a comics appearance as War Machine in a dog's age. Chuck Austen wrote two limited series for him, one good, one not-so-good.

8/05/2005 1:10 PM  
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