Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fun Run for 7/30

Today's fun run is Peter David's Spectacular Spider-Man run.

The mid-80s was a weird time for Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man, as there really WAS no "official" writer, nor was there an "official" penciller.

However, from #103-124, Peter David wrote seventeen of the issues, so we might as well call him the official writer.

His pencillers for his run were Rich Buckler for eight of the issues, Luke McDonnell, Dwayne Turner and Mark Beachum for two apiece, an issue apiece by Bob McLeod and Mike Zeck and one "jam" issue.

David's issues were marked by a very good combination of humor and drama, while still having a very healthy dose of characterization and character interaction.

Obviously, the known highlight of his run is the "Death of Jean DeWolff" storyline that ran for four issues from #107-110.

For such a newcomer at Marvel, David really wrote that story as if he had been writing the book for years.

In that one four-issue story, a longtime supporting character without any real depth was killed off, and what David did was what writers often TRY to do, which is to make the readers care about a character they never really cared about in the past.

Image hosted by

This was also the story that Eddie Brock first appeared, and found a reason to hate Spider-Man.

Also, Spider-Man and Daredevil traded identities.

One of my favorite David stories was a fun two-parter teaming Spidey with the Wasp...

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It was a good example of shared continuity (as David worked with the stories that Stern had set up for Wasp in Avengers).

The Santa Claus issue was pretty funny, and is remembered fondly, I believe...

Image hosted by

MY favorite, though, was the Rashoman issue, which was drawn by a "jam" of Spider-Man artists.

Image hosted by

It's the Rashoman plot, every fictional story EVENTUALLY has a Rashoman issue, and here was Spidey's, as Spider-Man, Mary Jane and J. Jonan Jameson all have different looks on events.

Really cool issue.

Anyone else have fond memories of David's Spider-Man?

Anyone looking forward to his new Spider-Man ongoing?


Blogger Fiery Mask said...

The Peter David run on Spectacular Spider-Man includes some of my favorite comics stories ever. He also wrote a few issues of Web of Spider-Man, pretty much the last decent issues before that title went downhill. I loved the supporting characters like Now Magazine reporter Joy Mercado (Whatever happened to her) and the revitalized Black Cat (I can forgive the horrible 80s Flashdance costume the Cat was in), and cool villains like the Forgeigner, Magma, and Chance (Where are those guys, too?). Under David's pen, we had classics like the Ace annuals, the aformentioned "Death of Jean DeWolff" issue, the Santa Claus burglar story, the boy with the mutant powers hunted by Shield, Peter Parker being harrassed by three small-time teenage hoodlums who firebomb his apartment and make his life miserable, a Sabertooth who wasn't an invincible uber-villain, the hostage crisis at Aunt May's house, Peter's Now Magazine assignments to Northern Ireland and Appalachia, and battles with Sabretooth, where we have one of my favorite exchanges in dialogue in a comic book:

Sabretooth: "Fool! You can't avoid Sabretooth!"

Spidey: "Sure I can. I just brush between meals."

8/15/2005 11:55 AM  
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