Thursday, July 28, 2005

Battle of the Bands Challenger WINNER!

It was a tough call, determining who would be the only band cool enough to challenge Alex's THE MOST INCREDIBLE BAND IN THE UNIVERSE.

Mssrs. Robinson, Haas, Rutherford and Doughty certainly rose to the occasion.

However, there can only be one winner.

The judges?

The esteemed Snark Free Waters panel (not counting the esteemed Precocious Curmudgeon guy). Luckily, Mssr. Whitmore's vote was not needed (although we are sure he would join with us in making it a unaminous 3-0 vote), for both Mssr. Hutchinson and myself determined that the winner would be.....


Derek and Bill gave able efforts, and Ken came extremely close, based on his genius move of actually picking characters who have demonstrated the ability to play the instruments assigned to them.

However, nothing can quite compare to Black Adam shouting "SHAZAM" and getting out of the way really fast while the magic lightning bolt sets off a GIGANTICNORMOUS fireworks show that ends with a "rock" sign in the sky.

So Blackbelt Jones is the only band qualified enough to actually compete with THE MOST INCREDIBLE BAND IN THE UNIVERSE in a Battle of the Bands.

As to the winner of THAT?

Quite simple.

The FANS, man, the FANS!!