Sunday, July 24, 2005

Great Supporting Characters - Hindsight Lad

Carlton LaFroyge was a neighbor of Robbie Baldwin, who was secretly a member of the New Warriors known as Speedball.

During a crisis involving their building, Carlton discovered that Robbie was Speedball.

He then blackmailed him into letting him join the New Warriors, or else he would reveal Robbie's identity.

This was his costume, and his name was Hindsight Lad (with a big H on his chest).

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Introduced solely as a goofy comic relief character (which he certainly was), Hindsight Lad was used to good effect by Fabian Nicieza, who decided to mess around with reader expectations by making Carlton a real member of the team.

Nicieza did this during an event where the New Warriors were trapped in time, and Carlton put together a replacement team to save them, even coming up with the plan to reach them in the past!

After the team got back together, Night Thrasher kept Carlton on as an "analyst/strategist" for the team.

Later, writer Evan Skolnick would go even further, and have Carlton become more and more involved in the team (even dropping the "Lad" part of his name).

For a character introduced just as a total gag, Hindsight Lad proved to be quite a successful character!!


Blogger Bill said...

Those rear-view mirrors on the helment are genius.

7/25/2005 3:41 PM  
Blogger Woody! said...

Yeah, it would have gotten real old if he wouldn't have evolved and developed into more than a one-trick pony. The 75 issues of New Warriors are really underrated.

7/27/2005 4:53 PM  
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