Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Top Five Comics By Fred Van Lente

Today, as you may know, is Fred Van Lante Day.

To celebrate, I am counting down the top five Fred Van Lente comic books.

5. Stuperpowers - A roleplaying comic book superhero adventure.

4. Tranqulity - A series about a woman and her talking gun.

3. Scorpion - Van Lente has done well here, introducing a character interesting enough that Peter David seems ready to use her.

2. The Silencers - This was a really good comic. However, it cannot compare with...

1. Action Philosophers - This fun, informative series is the best blend of different impulses (fun and learning) since Peanut Butter and Chocolate got mixed together, years ago!

Anyone disagree about the order?

Oh, and Happy Fred Van Lente Day, everyone!!!


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