Thursday, November 03, 2005

Really Cool Comic Moment - Hawkeye Cheats!

In the 1987 Avengers/West Coast Avengers Annuals, the Avengers first were forced to fight against each other (with the West Coast team winning, in bizarre fashion, with Iron Man somehow beating Captain Marvel). In the second part, they had to fight against a Legion of the Unliving.

At the end, only Hawkeye and Captain America survived, and they were faced off against Grandmaster, who has captured Death. Hawkeye tempts him by challenging him to a simple game of chance. He took two arrows. One with a modular tip, the other without. Grandmaster simply had to pick the arrow with the tip and he would win.

Hawkeye mixed them up and the Grandmaster chose the wrong arrow. His shock at being wrong was enough of a distraction for Death to break free and the day to be saved.

Afterwards, Cap asked him about the fact that he was willing to risk the fate of the universe on a game of luck. Hawkeye told him that the stakes were way too big, so he cheated. He broke the tip off as the Grandmaster chose!

Later, when the Avengers went back to playing softball, Cap warned the others, "Watch out for Hawkeye - he cheats."

Classic moment (and I think I've featured it before as my #1 defining moment in Hawkeye's comic history).


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