Thursday, October 27, 2005

Really Cool Scene - End of the First Chapter of Born Again

As Dave recently pointed out on his blog (Dave's Long Box, natch), Born Again by Frank Miller has a LOT of "f*@k yeah!" moments in it.

A moment that sticks out to ME, though, is different Dave's moment.

My pick is the end of the first issue.

The Kingpin has thoroughly torn apart Matt Murdock's life. He has alienated him from his friends, his livelihood, basically everything important to him. Kingpin has done this systematically and efficiently, and most importantly, he has done it subtley.

This is changed at the end of the issue, where Murdock's apartment is destroyed.

As we see Matt among the rubble...we see that amongst the tears, he is actually almost HAPPY.

Because up until now, as he claims, "Nothing about this said gangster...until now. This was a fine piece of shouldn't have signed it."

What a GREAT ending!


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