Tuesday, April 18, 2006


You know what time it is folks, it is "Brian comes up with a nifty contest to make up for falling behind on the site" time!

Last time, it was "Name That Iron Man Artist!" This time, the contest is a little odder - AND bigger - it's "NAME THAT JJJ Artist!"

There have been forty pencillers to work on Amazing Spider-Man in its first volume.

Eleven of the artists never drew J. Jonah Jameson, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Daily Bugle. Most of them are from the mid-80s, when JJJ was not around much. Most of them also only drew one issue of the book, except Alan Kupperberg, who managed to draw about 4 1/2 issues without drawing JJJ (although in the ONE issue that he drew half of, JJJ DID appear - just in the half drawn by the OTHER guy!) and Alex Saviuk drew about three issues without JJJ.

The eleven artists are:

Alan Weiss
Luke McDonnell
Alan Kupperberg
Bob Layton
Mike Harris
Alex Saviuk
Mike Zeck
Cyndy Martin
Colleen Doran
Angel Medina
Darick Robertson
Rafael Kayanan

So that leaves twenty-nine artists who HAVE (not counting Don Heck's pencils over Romita's breakdowns, as that seems too unfair) drawn JJJ.

Well, NAME them!!


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