Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Top Five Zero Hour Crossover Issues

Here they are, the top five Zero Hour crossover issues (this is a lot like getting water from a stone, by the by)

HONORABLE MENTION: Guy Gardner: Warrior #24 - neat time-travel story, introduced Lady Blackhawk into our timeline (who is still around, as a member of Birds of Prey)

5. Superman: Man of Steel #37

People forget, but at the time, Superman and Batman rarely talked to each other, so this issue was significant, because it gave both characters a chance to catch up after all the changes in their lives (Batman's back breaking, but healing and returning to displace Azrael as Batman and Superman dying and returning).

Also, what a cool Bog cover!!

4. Adventures of Superman #516

Karl Kesel, more so than any other writer, seemed to really embrace the Zero Hour concept. In this issue, he uses the concept of shifting timelines to introduce a world where Rome never fell, and Metropolis is protected by the Alpha Centurion, who eventually ended up showing up in the Superman titles, and was a pretty cool character, to be honest.

3. Superboy #8

Straightforward concept, but it worked so well.

Superboy (the clone) meets up with Earth-One Superboy, Clark Kent. It was handled very well by Kesel, who uses the comparisons between the two to really develop the clone as a character.

3. Flash #94

This was a tough one. It really doesn't tie in THAT much, but it DOES tie-in, and it is part three of an excellent story (that introduced Impulse), so I can't help but place it high on this list, as it IS a very good comic.

1. Robin #10

Straightforward concept, but it worked even better than the Superboy issue.

Dick and Tim teaming up - SUCH a cool idea. And Dixon and Grummett do a good job. And what a cool Grummett cover!

That's my picks! How about you folks?


Blogger Chris Griswold said...

What about the issue with the olde-timey comedic Alfred?

4/12/2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

It had a GREAT cover, but a non-existent plot.

4/12/2006 7:59 PM  
Blogger Ken Robinson said...

I would've had LSH vol. 4 #61 on my list. Sure it was the end of the first incarnation of the Legion (by far my favorite), but it was a great way to go.

Otherwise, some good picks, MOS #37 and Robin #10 especially.

4/12/2006 11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Superman "Bats" cover look a lot like the Exiles cover with a thousand variations of Wolverine on it?

I haven't read either one but both were posted within days of each other.

10/25/2007 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Batman 511 on that list (the meeting between Babs as Batgirl & Babs as Oracle)?

10/28/2007 4:03 AM  

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