Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Room of Tom DeFalco's Own

Really, when I look back upon the M2 line of comics, it is really amazing.

One of those "If you told someone about it years later, they would look at you with disbelief" things.

But it really happened, and I think comics are all the better for allowing an atmosphere to exist where something like the M2 line of comics COULD exist, or rather, that they would be ALLOWED to exist.

The M2 comic line was a spin-off of a What If...? comic that DeFalco had written about the daughter of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl.

It proved so popular that they launched a whole line of comics set in the "future" (later retcons have made it so it is just a whole different continuity, and is actually set in our present) with the children of all of the super heroes and super villains of the Marvel Universe.

But here's the trippy part - Tom DeFalco wrote almost every title!!

Except for one spin-off which he gave to his pal Larry Hama (Wild Thing, the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra), DeFalco wrote every book in the line.

And the most amusing thing is how he used as his starting point....ALL HIS OLD COMICS!!

It was hilarious.

A-Next (the current Avengers) was built around his old Thor and Thunderstrike continuity.

Fantastic Five was built around his old Fantastic Four continuity.

Spider-Girl was built around his old Spider-Man and Green Goblin continuity.

J2 (son of Juggernaut) was the only one that was pretty devoid of DeFalco continuity.

We're talking having Lyja (the Skrull wife of Johnny Storm that DeFalco introduced) being a member of the Fantastic Five!

We're talking about Thunderstrike's son being a major member of the Avengers!

We're talking about the short-lived series Green Goblin (written by you know who) having a major impact on Spider-Girl!

We're talking Steel Spider, a little known character DeFalco had used in Spider-Man, being a major character in Spider-Girl's universe!

We're talking Darkdevil, built around the continuity of the Clone Saga (of which DeFalco was a major participant)!!

Most of the comics were cancelled, but the characters all live on in the best comic in the line, Spider-Girl.

But still, if you turn into the pages of Spider-Girl, you are bound to find some reference to a comic DeFalco wrote years ago.

It's pretty funny, but nice to see that there is a place in comics today for Tom DeFalco to have his own little comic universe.


Blogger Brad Curran said...

That could be why I've never been able to get in to Spider-Girl. Although the reason I wound up not buying it anymore was I felt like nothing was happening. And I like Bendis comics.

4/16/2005 10:36 PM  

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