Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Color Red Is Harmful!!!

One of the funnier aspects of comic books has been the longstanding tradition (only recently changing) that it was okay to show blood in comics....so long as it wasn't red.

It's funny, as one can almost imagine there being a decent reason for not showing blood PERIOD (because if you want to be strict, that's one thing)...as I guess one could say that blood is too violent.

But the whole thing became awfully silly when it got to the point that characters were bleeding a LOT in comics...just not red blood.

Sorta defeats the intended purpose there, eh?

But just coloring the blood black and continuing to show it was just one of the many ways comics tried to get around the Comic Code....another noteworthy one was when Marvel would come up with LIVING Zombies and Vampires, as that would exempt themselves from the "No Zombies" rule...hehe.

Can anyone else think of any notable ways that comic companies tried to get around the Comic Code Authority rules?


Blogger Scipio said...

Shadow Shooting.

Instead of showing someone actually getting shot, upon which the Code would frown, they'd show their shadows, off to the side, and let them depict the shooting.

4/24/2005 10:25 PM  

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